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Rare, obscure, independent and undiscovered punk, post-punk, "D.I.Y.", and power-pop groups from the U.S. and the U.K. 1977-1984. Hundreds and hundreds of bands on compilation and dozens of releases by individual acts, all brilliantly restored on CD and custom CDR. Plus zillions of links and liner-notes galore...

(Sorry for the inconvenience, but as the result of two fires the online shop and our Discogs stock are temporarily off-line. All CD-R titles would appear to be permanently out-of-print as the essential parts were lost in the second fire, which also damaged much of the vinyl and conventional CD inventory. Email chuck or someone at with any inquiries.)

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"One grand CD history of the DIY era -an Anthology of American Folk Music for dinky bands from Tampa and Dundee" -Andrew Beaujon, Spin